Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Cedar in your Palace

Do you ever find yourself wishing you could do some major updates to your house/apartment, etc.? My husband and I are ALWAYS thinking up ways to add to the house; customize it to look just the way we want it a magazine. Sometimes that's totally unrealistic and actually unnecessary. I remember saying when I first met my husband, that I would be completely happy living in a one-room house with a dirt floor, if it meant that I could live with him. When did we get away from remembering the important part is the relationships we build here on earth?

Here is an interesting verse:

"More cedar in your palace doesn't make you a better king than your father, Josiah. He always did right--he gave justice to the poor and was honest. That's what it means to truly know me. So he lived a comfortable life and always had enough to eat and drink." Jeremiah 22:15-16 (CEV)

It's an odd translation, but I gather that if you spend your energy showing love and compassion to others, live comfortably with just enough, you'll live a "richer", fuller life!

Here's a goal that I've been wanting to accomplish lately...We always see a man with the classic cardboard sign, standing at an intersection corner. I would really like to stock my car with some McDonald's gift cards so that I'm not empty handed when our paths cross. Can you think of a way to show God's love in a practical way today? I would love to hear your ideas!

Have a great week!

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