Friday, September 11, 2009

What are your "Talents"?

God's timing is always correct. Sometimes I don't notice and it schlaps me in the face, leaving me thinking, "....ooooh yeah! Now that makes sense!". This last weekend, our message at church was about the parable of the talents (see Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 19:12-28).

I always viewed that story as a good way to talk about finances and tithing... How God wants us to be good stewards with the funds he blesses us with. But this weekend shone a new light on the subject and I thought of the word "talent" not as $$$, but talent.

I've spent quite a few years "hoarding" some talent that I was feeling too stingy to use. I thought of singing and how I've always thought of it as mine....NO WAY! I realized it's God's voice and he entrusted me with it for a reason. WOW. What am I doing sitting on it? And his perfect timing?: I had just prayed during worship before the sermon, asking God to give me a sign if he wanted me to serve on the worship arts team and sing again. So I'm gonna do it.

So, what's the talent that God has entrusted you? Have you been sittin' on it too?

Matthew 25:13

"Therefore, stay alert, for you know not the day or the hour..."

So when we finally get to see our Savior face to face, I want to tell him that I used every bit he gave me...


MicahLeigh914 said...

I love it, girl! Can't wait to hear how he blesses you when you pour yourself out for Him. Praying that your noise is joyful and joy-filled :)! Love you. ~ MLH

Brett and Sara Musick said...

Good decision, Ariel! I'm so glad you will be sharing your gift. Remember to enjoy every bit of it because you not only bring joy to others but you give it to yourself, and every hard-working mom should enjoy something like that. Bravo!

Ariel said...

I know you gals understand the awesome joy of just letting it all out in song! Thanks for your encouragement and I will keep you posted on how it turns out! We audition at our church...for several reasons, but I know that if God can bless me even when singing with Breed, he will provide when it's for his kingdom ;)